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Retro GP sign Villeneuve, Fittipaldi and Andretti

British company RETRO GP - who specialise in the design, manufacture and retailing of historic Formula 1 merchandise - have announced they have recently signed three exciting new license agreements: Gilles Villeneuve (through the Villeneuve family), Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti have been added to their expanding grid of high-profile Formula 1 legends, which also include Minardi, Murray Walker and Hesketh Racing.

 The concept of RETRO GP (formerly RetroFormula 1) was forged in the mind of company founder Andrew Smith during his attendance at the 2009 British Formula One Grand Prix.  While visiting the retail village one thing caught his attention. It was not the hordes of people, 12 deep, queuing for the latest Brawn, Mercedes or Williams merchandising, it was the fact that no historic teams - the teams he had grown up with - were represented. It was as if, in the frenetic world of modern Formula 1, the teams, drivers and marques who captured the public imagination decades before, had now been pushed to one side and overlooked. 

The Godalming-based business, which started trading on a kitchen table, now boasts 15 wholesalers around the world and has had it's line accepted into House of Fraser on-line.  Andrew Smith sums up the ethos of the business: "Our objective is to keep alive the memory of the Formula 1 teams, drivers and individuals who competed and participated in Formula 1 during the 60s, 70s and 80s.  Our motto: "Some things are too important to be left in the past" certainly resonates with Formula 1 fans.  What started as a concept while trying get to get out of the Silverstone car park has grown into an international business, dealing with customers and wholesalers across the world". 

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