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CAMS Safety Testing is set to commence at motor sport events around Australia with the implementation of the new ‘CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy’.  This policy gives CAMS the authority to test any CAMS licenced motor sport competitor or official for the presence of illicit drugs at events. 

CAMS Safety Testing is being implemented in order to provide the safest possible environment at motor sport events for all participants and spectators. Complementing the existing alcohol breath testing and anti-doping testing, CAMS Safety Testing will enable the governing body of motor sport to prevent illicit drug-impaired participants from taking part in events, with the aim of preventing potential harm to themselves and other participants and spectators. 

In making the announcement, CAMS Chief Executive Eugene Arocca said CAMS has an obligation to carry out such testing.  “Drug testing has become a large part of both professional and amateur sports. It is incumbent on the custodian of motor sport in Australia to not only ensure a fair sporting environment for all participants at all levels of competition, but a clean one,” said Arocca.

 Similar to the combined principles of police roadside, workplace and other sporting organisations' drug testing programs, ‘random’ and ‘target’ testing will be carried out whereby saliva samples will be collected from selected competitors and officials at events and ‘screened’ onsite using the latest electronic drug testing technology. The screening device will produce a reading in less than 5 minutes from the time the sample is inserted into the device.  If the device indicates that an illicit drug is present, the competitor or official may be excluded from taking any further part in the event.  

“It may take a few minutes out of any given motor sport event for a competitor or official to do this, but it is a small burden to ensure a higher level of safety exists. It is about educating all in motor sport that safety comes first every time and naturally there are heavy penalties for those who choose to ignore the rules,” Arocca said. 

Following the detection of an illicit drug at an event, the competitor or official’s sample will be analysed at a laboratory. This type of analysis will provide CAMS with far more detailed information on the sample including the specific name of the illicit drug present and the concentration level of that drug in the individual’s body.   Further penalties for testing ‘positive’ to an illicit drug following CAMS Safety Testing include the requirement to complete drug counselling, exclusion from participating in motor sport events for up to two years and fines. 

When conducting CAMS Safety Testing, CAMS will be working closely with event organisers, competitors and officials to ensure that the testing process runs as smoothly as possible for all involved. 

The CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy, as well as other information about the Illicit Drugs in Sport initiative, is available for download HERE.    

The list of all illicit drugs can be found HERE.   

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