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Alpine's 60th anniversary celebrations a record-breaking get-together

The AAA (Association des Anciens d’Alpine – Association of Alpine former staff and aficionados) is bringing together fans of the brand in Dieppe from September 11-13, 2015, for the largest gathering in the marque’s history to mark Alpine’s 60th anniversary.

Current Alpine representatives will be out in force alongside loyal aficionados to help celebrate the 60th birthday of the company that was founded by Jean Rédélé back in 1955. The project teams led by Bernard Ollivier, as well as Philippe Sinault’s Signatech-Alpine endurance racing team and its drivers will similarly join the party, bringing with them the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo concept car, the Alpine Celebration show car and the A450B racing car.

More than 750 Alpines and their owners – not to mention thousands of interested visitors – are expected to attend from across Europe. Thanks to the presence of many well-known drivers linked to the brand from its origins right up to the modern day, plus a packed programme of activities and an eclectic range of entertainment, the gathering is poised to break all records in terms of participation, spectacle and emotion.

Organised by the AAA, this weekend in Dieppe provides Alpine with an opportunity to share this fever and enthusiasm with all the members of its extended family who will be able to get up close to the following unique cars that have characterised the year:

•The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, a full-scale version of the virtual concept car

•The Alpine Celebration, sporting a special new Dieppe livery

•The A450-B which is competing for the first time in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Bernard Ollivier, CEO of Société des Automobiles Alpine, believes this weekend dedicated to the Alpine story will live forever in the memories of those who attend:

“Organising the largest-ever gathering of Alpine aficionados in Dieppe to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary clearly represents a colossal challenge. It is, however, a challenge to which the AAA’s volunteer teams have risen magnificently, with the support of their partners, the city of Dieppe, the wider Dieppe Maritime conurbation, the department and the region.

“I am particularly humbled by the magnitude of this impressive undertaking, the engagement of so many Alpine clubs from all over the world, the tremendous participation of enthusiasts who have travelled with their cars from every corner of Europe and in some cases even further afield, not to mention the opportunity it will offer to connect and interact with tens of thousands of spectators and interested observers. I have similarly been touched by the attendance of people from every profession who have played a part in the Alpine legend or who are involved in the brand’s current renaissance.”

Gran Turismo driving simulators will enable attendees to virtually take the wheel of the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo – with a visitors’ competition thrown in for extra spice. There will also be a special showdown between Signatech-Alpine drivers Paul-Loup Chatin, Nelson Panciatici and Vincent Capillaire, who will take each other on to set the fastest lap time around the same circuit. The winner will receive the honour of leading a huge parade of vehicles through Dieppe behind the wheel of the Alpine Celebration, designed to pay homage to Jean Rédélé. The parade will unquestionably be one of the weekend’s most popular and poignant activities.

The gala evening on September 12 in Saint Nicolas d’Aliermont will bring together more than fewer than 900 people in the presence of Bernard Ollivier (CEO, Société des Automobiles Alpine) and Signatech-Alpine Team Manager Philippe Sinault, as well as all of the drivers and teams in charge of Alpine’s development, manufacturing and promotion.

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